Unending Galaxy released!

Last major update for Unending Galaxy! Below is the changelog since our last major version


  • No longer need to left click then right click weapons and shield in the trade menu to display the proper info/stats popup
  • More detailed info panel for each ship module
  • Minor changes to the TC/Core plot-line (good/bad endings more likely)
  • Dock traders will avoid suppliers in sectors that are under siege


  • New method used to play sound and music
  • New memory manager: might lead to a  more stable experience during long gaming sessions
  • Newer compiler: might have fixed a few technical problems
  • Slightly better performances in situations with a lot of sound being played at once (large battles)
  • Minor code improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Possible fix for the sound quality degradation over time
  • Fixed: Regression bug in 1.3.2 causing weapon/shield info popup to trigger an error message
  • Fixed: Missing text in the TC/Core plot-line (reward location)
  • Fixed: Ceridan special event could target pirate systems when better, empty, systems are available
  • Fixed: Some trading and mining ships would ignore the “NoForeign” faction law


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Apr 12, 2018

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