Unending Galaxy v1.3.6 released!

This is our summer sale update. 


  • Nilith Faction Rebalance : ships are much faster. cargo ship is unarmed but carry (and produce) drones. All Nilith ships regenerate hull.
  • Double clicking a fleet in the top-left list (or double tapping the assigned number key) will center the galactic map on the correct location
  • Increased detection range for cargo delivery mission success check, forced check when "talking" to the station to avoid misunderstandings
  • Updated AI Core and Organic tech trees' description
  • More informative "New Game" menu tool-tips (fow, warpgate, visibility... settings)
  • Pilot info in the "Ship Settings" menu shows which AI module the ship is running (if any)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Crackling engine sound when camera is "following" a docked ship
  • Fixed: Multiple menu related issues on ships with no shield or no weapon slots.
  • Fixed: A few typos


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Jun 21, 2018

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