0.8.2 Hotpatch 4

This is a cumulative update for 0.8.2 containing the last 4 hot-patches.


This version is compatible with save-games (and all known mods ) from

Full changelog

  • Balance: Given all animals a very slow (only outside combat) health regen ability to compensate for the fact they can't heal on their own otherwise
  • Balance: Raids with giant crabs should have more "normal" ones and less "sand/fireball" ones.
  • Change: It is no longer possible for agents to path through diagonally-adjacent walls/obstacles 
  • Change: Animals queued for butchering will no longer reproduce/give birth (to make population control less of a hassle)
  • Change: Single recipe factories, like wells and water purifiers, are no longer in that weird paused state once built
  • Content: Weather patterns depend on the biome you spawn in (swamps get more rain and coldwaves, arid less rain and more heatwaves, scorched is hellish)
  • Content: Scorched biome: acid rain replaced by blood rain (local mobs are generally immune to its effects) and the water there is now red. 
  • Engine: Slightly improved overall performances on large maps
  • Engine: Switching to/from the world map is now near immediate instead of freezing the game for a good second
  • Engine: Better overall performances in maps with a lot of hostile mobs
  • Graphics: Forges and Weapon Forges graphically show what's being built (like most of other factories)
  • Graphics: Both dark and bright night settings are a bit less dark
  • Modding: Some mapgen/terrains files have a new "WeatherPatterns" field (see arid.json or humid.json)
  • Modding: Weather pattern files have a "CanUseInProcGen" true/false setting, if set to false, this pattern will only show up if it's included in the terrain's data
  • Modding: Added "CanSocial" true/false to npc files (to enable/disable relation tab/funcs on relevant npc types)
  • UI: Updated some of the tutorial and game-tip messages with more accurate/useful information
  • UI: Right clicking zones in the build menu will display a detailed info menu like it does for other objects
  • UI: Added "Zones" category to the encyclopedia
  • UI: Most of the build mode keyboard shortcuts are now working in combat mode (building, razing, cancelling and most menus) 
  • UI: Zone placement (walls, rooms, floor..) should be more responsive
  • UI: Added keyboard shortcut to go back to the surface (home key by default)
  • UI: Added keyboard shortcuts (top 1-9 keys by default) to directly send you to the associated underground layer (if it exists)
  • UI: Messages like "going to {coordinate}" are formated in a more legible and compact way
  • Fixed: Messages about brawls would incorrectly indicate that all brawls are from your survivors (even if it's between hostile people in a bunker)
  • Fixed: The biome dropdown in custom game / underground menu was clipped incorrectly
  • Fixed: Basements could spawn on the surface in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Frenglish "recolt" changed to "harvest", and corrected other outdated information in the tutorial
  • Fixed: On rare/specific occasions, agents could end up on the wrong side of a wall (after loading a save, especially), this *should* be fixed
  • Fixed: Animals, zombies and robots spawning with the "social" module, unnecessarily consuming CPU cycles (not many, but hey)
  • Fixed: Zombies weren't immune to the heavy version of acid rains.
  • Fixed: In some underground scenarios, "surface events" (new recruits, traders...) could still happen before the player breaches the surface
  • Fixed: Lasso selection being shown during zone placement (which was confusing as zone placement is not a lasso selection)
  • Fixed: Reported crash after switching resolution to/from fullscreen (possibly, couldn't reproduce)
  • Fixed: Right clicks on 2x2 tiles (or larger) objects to issue an attack order would only work if clicking on the top-left corner of said objects
  • Fixed: The selection/highlighting of large objects is now working properly, it's no longer required to click near their top-left corner
  • Fixed: During expeditions, people who are already dead could still get damaged, receive wounds, etc. causing misleading messages in the log
  • Fixed: Settlers with the "soldier" job would never get the intended armor on spawn
  • Fixed: Potential multithreading related crash (due to the way some of the debug information was logged in the background)
  • Fixed: If an autosave is done at the very end of an expedition (recruit/result panels), it could prevent the settlers from respawning properly when loading said savegame later on
  • Fixed: Weird behavior in crafting stations, causing the "Add Job" button to edit the first job entry as well 
  • Fixed: In the trade menu, you could go over what's actually in store by using the mouse-wheel to set the value
  • Fixed: Typo in "hospital bed" description
  • Fixed: The "Live egg container"'s description was incorrectly stating that eggs decay over time (they don't)
  • Fixed: Trying to access the world [M]ap during the tutorial -> crash. The option is disabled now.


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