Misc Fixes & Improvements

Here's the third weekly patch for the 0.8.5 version of After The Collapse. Expect a couple more of those before I get back to more content-centric updates. As usual, previous save-games (0.8.3+) and mods should be compatible.

The full changelog is at the bottom, but I want to highlight 2 major improvements:

Better Eating Habits

This is still a bit experimental and under-tested, but it seems to work very well.

When survivors are hungry or thirsty, instead of fetching drinks or food one item at a time, consuming it, and eventually looping back to fetch more, they will now try to retrieve everything they need in one go and then go to the dining room to consuming everything they gathered.

Additionally, drink and food needs are treated at the same time. So if a survivor is very hungry and slightly thirsty, they'll fetch like 2 food and 1 water in one go. As such situations where a survivor would eat something, go to work, and then cancel the job 10 seconds in to go drink something are a lot less common.

Overall it should be a great base productivity boost, especially if the base ain't very well optimized.

The only small downside compared to the previous system is that survivors might consume a bit more food than before. Nothing big, and the added productivity should more than make up for it.

Depot Presets

This new feature is aimed at the more experienced players who like to have complex / optimized settings for their depots.

Simply put, you can now save/load presets for your storage buildings by clicking the small "Preset" button on the bottom of their associated menu.

Full Changelog

  • AI: Whenever possible, survivors will try to gather all the food and drinks they need before eating, saving a lot of travel time (experimental-ish)
  • Content: You can enable/disable reproduction for whole species in the faction / cattle manager submenu
  • Content: Road and Pavement tiles can now be built (construction tech)
  • Content: New exotic egg trader map events (2 variants, after animal care tech)
  • UI: Preset settings can be edited/added/applied to the depots (click the new 'preset' button in their associated menu)
  • UI: If a settler info screen was opened from the population menu, exiting the menu will bring you back to the population menu
  • UI: Added individual neutering checkboxes to all (owned) animals, not just pets
  • UI: Selecting an animal in the pasture or butcher menu will center screen on target
  • UI: Animals marked for butchering have a small icon over them
  • UI: Added ability to filter out young/old/adult animals in butcher screen
  • UI: The "[N]ext Unit" keyboard shortcut can be used both in combat and build mode now. It does keep the settler info panel open (the same submenu if any)
  • UI: The faction logo selector in the new game menu can be clicked to display a complete list to pick from
  • UI: Feedback message if a survivor can't grab food/drink because their inventory is full.
  • UI: Several minor tweaks (menu highlighting, typos, information...)
  • Fixed: On death, survivors wouldn't always put back their job in the queue, which could cause some tasks to stall until a game is saved/reloaded
  • Fixed: Another possible task stalling problem on farms
  • Fixed: Pressing "End Communication" in diplo screen wouldn't send you back to the proper tab in the faction menu
  • Fixed: The "Apply to new animals" checkbox in Cattle Manager sub-menu was always considered to be true
  • Fixed: It was possible to cause a crash when clicking the remove settler in the garage menu
  • Fixed: In combat mode, switching from a settler to a drone with [N] shortcut while the Relation subpanel is open would cause a crash
  • Fixed: Some of the Discount Dan map-event traders wouldn't go back to the correct menu after a purchase
  • Fixed: Marking an animal for butchering wouldn't cancel its associated work (shearing, milking, etc.), occasionally causing survivors to follow the butcher around
  • Fixed: Pressing "Exit to Desktop" would exit to the main menu (regression bug in 0.8.5)
  • Fixed: Disabling a factory wouldn't immediately cancel the job of someone using it


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