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Hi there!

Here's the obligatory hot-patch for 1.0. Normally I would have waited until the week-end to have time to make sure I was just fixing bugs, not adding more, but the changes were pretty straightforward. I'm aware of a few other issues, but those will take a bit more time to investigate.

Thank you :)


  • The ability for a military raid event to spawn was pushed back (grace period extended, increased minimum population). And it was removed completely from Act 1 of Story Mode (assuming you're not already in act 1)
  • In Act 1, some map locations will spawn with no mobs at all to make things easier for new players.

User Interface

  • Hidden "Updgrade To" button if the necessary tech is blacklisted to avoid confusion in story mode.
  • Clarified the weapons/armor equip menu by replacing depot name by item category with ammo type when relevant
  • Added performance options to disable rain soundscape in the audio settings (it will also reduce the amount of rain drops), only use if necessary.


  • Accidentally building a stone/metal container instead of a wooden one will still work in the related stages.
  • Altered water production part to clarify what you're supposed to do

Bug Fixes

  • Your money could go into the negative (still investigating the reason why it happened in the first place)
  • Issue in Act 3 where it wasn't possible to access the bottom layer of the robotic research lab due to pathing issue
  • The "Army Remnants" raider faction was not always included, causing raids of soldier to be counted as fauna and preventing them to spawn in the world map.
  • Typo in the intro sequence (oops)
  • Typo in Act 2 map file, causing a crash when trying to attack some of the map locations
  • The "weird scientist camping nearby" event could fire in Act 2. It will no longer spawn. If you're already in act 2 as the time of this patch, it still can happen, just don't go through that event if it appears in story mode.
  • Act 1's ending raid spam could continue in act 2/3/4, this has been fixed, but won't be updated until you move to a new act.
  • Act 3 could get stuck if you did go through the (now fixed) "scientist camping nearby" event. It'll just skip the quest, given you technically already did it.
  • build made functional (oops)

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