After The Collapse 0.5.9

After The Collapse 0.5.9

Here's a new update for you to consume before 0.6 get released. It's content heavy, featuring a few community requests and the ability to start the game in an underground vault.

Official Release Post

The detailed release post is on the official website


    • AI: Settlers are a bit better at handling basic needs
    • Balance: Tweaked some weapons and armors values (minor)
    • Balance: Moved some recipes and unlocks between technologies (minor)
    • Balance: Masonry Tech required to build stairs to access the underground/overworld
    • Content: Player-built doors can now be locked/unlocked
    • Content: Ability to start underground in a bunker (survivor tab in the new game settings)
    • Content: 4 new pieces of armor (spec-ops helmet, medic vest, firefighter helmet, firefighter vest)
    • Content: 6 new ranged weapons (grenade launcher, hunting rifle, sniper rifle, heavy sniper rifle, desert eagle, gauss rifle)
    • Content: 4 new melee weapons/tools (combat knife, knife, pickaxe, shovel)
    • Content: 2 new ammo types (grenade rounds, energy cells)
    • Content: New recipes to repair the new guns and armors
    • Content: New technology to build tools (pickaxe, shovel, metal axe)
    • Content: New technology to research the ability to produce explosive ammo (grenade rounds and rockets)
    • Content: Added traits to some armors and weapons (sniper rifles give “visor” increasing perception, medic vest increases “medical” skill, shovel gives better farming…)
    • Content: New mid/late game events – Crazed military robots
    • Content: New late game event – Dangerous raid by former soldiers
    • Content: Heat Wave game event – Increase water consumption of plants of settlers
    • Engine: Ability for weapons to use lobbed trajectories bypassing cover and landing at a specific position
    • Engine: Seed based map generation (both at the world and the custom map level)
    • Engine: Loot tables (expeditions only for now) are more fine grained and future proofed
    • Engine: Creatures’ movement at maximum game speed should look less “jumpy” now (not perfect, but getting there)
    • Engine: Ability for creatures to spawn an animation on death (blood splatters, explosion..)
    • Engine: Combat mode overlay is taking less GPU/CPU
    • Engine: Preliminary changes to handle temperature, influencing water needs of plants
    • Graphics: Ambush mobs get random rotation so their starting position doesn’t look too artificial
    • Graphics: Tweaked some buttons and panels
    • Graphics: Smoke effect’s size now proportional to the object getting destroyed
    • Graphics: Improved a few more inventory textures (ammunition mostly)
    • Graphics: A few additional explosion and blood splatter animations for things which go dead
    • Graphics: Nicer looking (and better layering) of combat mode overlay
    • UI: Added “Map Seed” option to the custom map menu to be able to replay/share a level
    • UI: Added tab to the exploration manager to show the rewards from the previous expedition
    • UI: Added button to access world map
    • UI: Top part of the storage menu displays amount of food and drinks for easy access instead of electronics and canned food
    • UI: Double clicking an item in the trade menu will set amount to buy/sell to the max. available
    • UI: Standardized how item quantity is shown in the UI (over the sprites like ammo for weapons)
    • UI: Farming menu’s crop selection panel display how many seeds you have in stock
    • UI: Added trait giving information to armor and weapon info panels
    • UI: Less invasive game log
    • UI: Added weapon overlay for enemies in combat mode
    • Fixed: Settlers occasionally ignoring “equip weapon/armor” orders
    • Fixed: Semi rare bug causing some building jobs to be put back into the public queue despite being completed
    • Fixed: A bug doing a reroll of living creatures’ attributes each time a save is loaded
    • Fixed: Survivors occasionally going one tile in the wrong direction before moving to a specific location
    • Fixed: Animals initially spawning with misplaced limbs
    • Fixed: Some animations are below objects instead of above
    • Fixed: Rocket and grenade launcher “hit” explosion not being played in some cases
    • Fixed: Potential/extremely rare crash in pathing
    • Fixed: Case where a survivor could potentially starve itself to death because it cannot satisfy another need
    • Fixed: Survivors ignoring newly created walls (or other path blocking items) if they picked their path before the wall is built
    • Fixed: Issue where destroyed a window wouldn’t “update” the region map, causing small issues with pathing

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    Version 0.5.9 Jun 13, 2019

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